Friday, May 14, 2021

We are a group of Christians who live & work in Toronto and in Hong Kong. We have had some close encounters with the sufferings and darkness associate with the adversities of growing old while not knowing the grace of God through the salvation of Jesus Christ. Through our professional works or personal lives (as chaplains, pastors, geriatric nurses, social workers in health care, seminary students, occupational therapists, personal support workers for live-alone seniors, caregivers for aging parents and grandparents, friends of aging friends with terminal illness & various mental illnesses), we grief the lostness of our aging friends of different part of the globe who suffer in silence & alone.

Our Mission…

Affirming that our Heavenly Father is the Initiator and Sustainer of mission, we purpose to participate with Him as He reaches out to marginalized seniors, bringing them through word and deed the message of faith, hope and love in Christ. We strive to respond to the sufferings of specific aged populations in Canada and around the globe by reducing poverty, restoring their dignity, rebuilding compassionate communities that honor and care for the aging.

Our Board of Directors & Advisors…

We are servants of the Lord who have a calling to serve and to reach out to the lonely & suffering aging friends.

Enoch Board of Directors

Becky Li-Tang - Chair

Becky works as a director of care in a Toronto long-term care home. We believe the love of the Lord has given Becky inexhaustible energy and capacity to serve. She would take 12 hours night train ride, and step into a classroom the very morning (with health care workers) looking refreshed for the rest of the 8 hours teaching day. One of her dreams is to have every senior in China at least one chance to hear of Jesus’ story of salvation. Jesus being her hero, she would want to be serving the people of India during her life time.

Edith Chen - Chief Operating Officer

Edith is a social worker who lives & serves in Toronto. Since graduated from Tyndale Seminary in 2009, Edith has responded to the Lord’s calling in serving the marginalized seniors. Edith has begun mission work in reaching out to the elderly in Toronto, as well as in China and prays for more open doors in other part of the globe. One of Edith’s dreams is to bring smiles or tears (of joy) to the lonely seniors. Edith believes the Lord would bring in many creative ministries to make the dream come true.

Grace Lung 
- Treasurer

Grace works as a personal support worker for the live-alone seniors in Toronto. In her off-hours, she visits the frail elderly members of her church. While many professionals have learned to keep a professional distance, Grace brings the irresolvable issues of her aging friends to the Lord in prayers; and she share their sufferings by being there with them. Grace teaches the nursing home staff and resident friends activation programs in every mission trip to China.

Florence Chan - Vice Chair

Since graduated from Canada, Florence works and lives in Hong Kong while actively serving through her home church. Her walk with the Lord has taken her through many valleys of life, yet they are always landmarked by joy, peace and praises to the Lord. Florence works as a financial planner, and is currently studying at China Graduate School of Theology in Hong Kong. She is a graceful and happy caregiver of her aging mother and father with Alzheimer’s disease.

Eppie Choy 
- Vice Secretary

Since graduated from UK and several years of work at an IT company, Eppie has served many years as an administrator in a Hong Kong university.  Her calling has taken her back to graduate studies in counseling at the university, concurrently in Christian studies at the China Graduate School of Theology in Hong Kong. Eppie has brought music and hymns to the elderly friends in every mission trip that has touched many. She however felt that it was herself who has been touched by the transformed lives of the elderly friends whom she met on every mission trip.

Enoch Society Advisors

Tom McCormick - Ministry Advisor

Tom lives & teaches as a seminary professor in Toronto & in US. His passion for world mission and for the pastoral and spiritual care for the elderly care dated back to the 1970’s. He leads a monthly prayer meeting around elderly care ministries in Toronto. He continues to seek the Lord’s heart through his research work on global aging, elderly care needs in China and other countries. He also serves currently as a chaplain in a long term care home in Toronto area.

Rev. Joseph S.B. Chan 
- Ministry Advisor

Born in Guangzhou, Rev. Chan grew up and was educated in Hong Kong and Taiwan.  He accepted Christ in an evangelical meeting while he was in secondary school.  Rev. Chan immigrated to Canada in 1973, has lived and worked in Ottawa and Toronto.  He responded to the Lord's calling for seminary education and graduated from China Evangelical Seminary (Canada) in 2008.  Rev. Chan is a pastor of Toronto Chinese Baptist Church, where he serves the Mandarin congregation.

Samuel Kwong – Financial Advisor

Sam practices his Christian faith through also his professional work as a chartered accountant (Canada). Enoch Society has been in debt with his prudent advisers in helping our organization be faithful steward for the Lord. He has also made many mission trips with Enoch Society’s volunteers which has made him the missionary/ financial advisors! Sam lives and serves in Hong Kong.

Stephen Jones - Legal Advisor

Stephen has provided numerous invaluable hours in giving Enoch Society legal advices in its organization set up and CRA charity status application. He has enable Enoch Society to have legal procedures in engaging in global elderly ministries, whether it be of grassroot level projects or more advanced infrastructure rebuilding projects. Stephen & his family live in Oakville & are actively serving through his home church.

President of Joshua Cho – Hong Kong Baptist Theological Seminary - Ministry Advisor 

President Cho is an alumnus of the Hong Kong Baptist Theological Seminary. Year in Hong Kong Baptist Theological Seminary, Yale University , The School of Theology Master of theology and theology, and in the United States Princeton theology Seminary Doctor of Philosophy. Professor Cho has taught in the United States University of Valparaiso (now) Faculty of Christian Thought (System Theology) Professor. He was in 2001 Since then served as Dean, then served as vice president and department Dean.